Old School, Meets New School. Traditional, Meets Modern.


Guy Chaddock was a rebel and an innovator when he started making furniture in the 1950s. Together with a cadre of skilled artisans, he created designs and finishes quite unlike anything else in the marketplace.

Today, Chaddock is still making waves! They are bringing the art of furniture making back home to America, one piece of furniture, made to order, at a time.

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"Our skilled craftspeople use artisan techniques and state-of-the art technologies to make the finest furniture available. Anywhere. Sure, we're patriots, but making furniture in America is also really good business, allowing us to offer an amazing breadth of options, industry-best lead times, and quality you can see, feel, and appreciate over time." - Chaddock


We had the hands-on opportunity to observe American craftsmen doing what they do best on our trip to Morganton, NC for Chaddock College! 


Chaddock offers over 60 wood and paint finishes, plus hundreds of fabrics and trim options. They also offer the option to edit dimensions and design, so it is easy to customize and make each piece your own!