Custom Luxury Furniture for your Lifestyle. 

American Leather's tag line, "Furniture made with American Ingenuity", says it all. Durable, well-made, custom-tailored furniture produced in Dallas, in their state of the art factory, is delivered to us in about 30 days. "Design Craftsman-ship and Perfected Engineering."

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At American Leather, they believe a sofa is not just a sofa, and a chair is not just a chair. These pieces are central to every home's gathering space, an integral part of the many tiny and big moments that make life fun, exciting, loving, cherished, and memorable. 


American Leather backs their product with a lifetime warranty on every frame. Each cushion mix is developed specifically for ideal comfort on its respective frame to create a welcoming softness. 



American Leather has the most comfortable 'sofa-bed' on the market and they just made it even more comfortable and versatile!

14 styles, 7 sizes, 3 mattress options, and hundreds of different fabrics and leathers to choose from.