What Makes Stressless Recliners the Most Comfortable?


Have you heard about Stressless Recliners by Ekornes and wonder what makes them so special?


We firmly believe it is one of those things that you have to see to believe, or in this case sit in to believe! These chairs are so comfortable that you really cannot understand how it forms to each curve of your body until you take a seat. 

We've had customers that come in to the store who are not even in search of a recliner and drive away with a Stressless Chair in the back of their car because they just cannot deny the amazing comfort and quality. 


To get a little more technical, the insane comfort comes from the inside of the chair. The patented Glide system and lumbar support system designed to match the changing contours of the back makes it the only chair that is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.


There is no need to push a button or pull a handle, the Glide system does just that, glides seamlessly with very little effort on your part. It curves and hugs each individual's unique body shape, so it really becomes a personal experience. 

This is where the very important Stressless Ottoman comes in to play. It is optimal to elevate one's legs when seated and relaxing, and from this position it is easiest to maneuver and recline while your legs are resting on the ottoman. 


Another reason Stressless chairs are the best for your money is because there are so many different styles, 3 sizes, 3 bases (not including the office chair base), numerous finishes, and dozens of leathers and fabrics to choose from.

You can truly personalize each chair to be exactly the way you want and need it to be for your own personal comfort and body shape. 


Stressless recliners are produced in Norway, in a state of the art facility that is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible with a product that has continued to get better and better over the last 80 years. They also have a second facility located in North Carolina that is responsible for upholstering and partial assembly of the recliners. 

If you're still skeptical about Stressless's quality, comfort, and motion performance, watch the video below to gain a better understanding about how the chairs move and function. 

Now the only thing left to do is get fitted for your very own Stressless recliner! 

Make a Splash this Summer with a Colorful Rug!

Pick a Style that will Make you Smile! 

Add a splash of color to any space with a bright rug from Company C or Loloi!

Elsa by Loloi

Silvia by Loloi

Madeline by Loloi


A fun, new design trend is to add bright pops of color to a neutral space.


Nadia by Loloi

Wild Bloom by Loloi

Gemology by Loloi


Bright colors are fun and make a space more inviting!

These works of art are beautiful and functional! 


Rhapsody by Company C

Looking Glass by Company C

Eden by Company C


Come see how you can update your home with a splash of Summer color today! 

"Get in over your head as often and joyfully as possible."  - Alexander Isley

Have some fun! How will you express yourself?


How to Clean Outdoor Teak Furniture

Kingsley Bate - Amalfi Collection

Kingsley Bate - Amalfi Collection

Do you have outdoor Teak furniture?  

Ever wonder how to clean it properly without damaging it?

We would love to share our tips on how to restore your outdoor furniture to it's former glory and to keep it looking beautiful for years to come! 


Directions for Cleaning Outdoor Teak Furniture

-Step One : Wash down your furniture with low-pressure water 

-Step Two : Scrub the wet furniture with a soft bristle brush with the following solution (2/3 cup laundry detergent and 1/4 cup bleach in 1 gallon of warm water) 

-Step Three : Rinse the entire piece with more fresh water to remove all of the cleaning solution


*Bonus* : Does your teak have black dots?

-Yes? Even though Teak itself will not mildew, sometimes dirt and other foreign substances that are not removed from the wood will grow mildew. We recommend following the cleaning instructions above immediately if there is mildew present, so as to not leave permanent stains. 


Kingsley Bate has a great water-based Teak Shield that we have for sale in our showroom. It helps to protect against food and drink stains, including wine, oil, and coffee. It is completely transparent and also impedes mildew growth. It should be applied two or more times per year depending on use and exposure. 

Directions for Applying Kingsley Bate Teak Shield

-Step One : Complete cleaning instructions listed above and make sure furniture is completely dry before continuing

-Step Two : If wood feels rough it is recommended to lightly sand before treating

-Step Three : Shake bottle of Teak Shield for at least one minute 

-Step Four : Use a soft cloth (included with Kingsley Bate Teak Shield purchase) to apply a thin layer of Teak Shield evenly to the furniture's entire surface

-Step Five : Allow the first layer to dry for four hours before applying a thin second coat

-Step Six : Let the furniture dry for forty-eight hours before exposing to moisture

*When applying to new furniture it is important to let furniture sit outside and weather for at least one week before applying the Teak Shield. 

*It is recommended to treat your Teak furniture with Teak Shield a few times per year, and items such as tables tops should be treated more frequently. 

Kingsley Bate - Somerset Collection

Kingsley Bate - Somerset Collection

We hope we have answered all of your Teak Furniture questions, but if there are any additional questions please feel free to reach out to us!


High Point Market!


High Point is definitely one of the highlights of the year for us and this year did not disappoint! High Point is an opportunity for us to see all of the new items and furniture that each brand we carry is coming out with. We shop for new items for the store with our customers and clients in mind! Here are some examples of the many new, great items we saw and some you may even see in our show room in the next few months! 


The Feists are excited to bring new furniture and home decor from the High Point market to Mitchell's showroom!


New Kingsley Bate!

With the coming of Spring, that means getting ready for warmer weather, and we are so excited for the new Kingsley Bate 2018 outdoor pieces!  

IMG_1283 EDIT .jpg

Here's a view from our store entrance into our new Kingsley Bate setting! 


We have options for small settings, as small as seating for one or two people, to large settings, seating for ten or more! The possibilities are endless! 

kingsley bate 922607043prod.jpg

They even have great covers that are custom made for each piece of furniture to help keep all of your pieces looking fresh and new all year round! 


kingsley bate 210179564prodfami.jpg

These chairs are from their Milano Collection. They give a modern twist on the classic wicker style. These seats are padded with reticulated foam and covered with Batyline™, a 100% vinyl-coated polyester textile that is durable and fade resistant. They are a great option for any space!


Come in today to pick out your favorite outdoor pieces to use this Spring and Summer!