Winding Beam Collection

The Winding Beam Collection is located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. What used to be an old beach cottage has been artfully transformed into a very unique home accent boutique, just brimming with unusual and beautiful ceramics and pottery, lamps and chandeliers, furniture, rugs, and of course the delightful collectible MacKenzie-Childs line.  So…what can we tell you about our little shop? Much like MacKenzie-Childs, our roots spring from whimsical inspiration and like MacKenzie-Childs, “We hold true to the belief that choosing the furnishings which will surround us in our home is not like collecting stamps, shells, coins or silver souvenir spoons, but rather like collecting warm greetings, building layers of days and memories.” The Winding Beam Collection has proudly represented MacKenzie-Childs, Ltd since its inception in 1983.