Eco-Friendly Furniture. Environmentally friendly furniture.

Here are a few considerations:
1.  Is the wood used, harvested legally from responsibly managed forests? Is the lumber certified?
2.  Do they use recycled steel and naturally renewable fibers to help preserve limited resources?
3.  Do the manufacturing processes minimize waste, while maximizing the durablility and lifespan of each piece?
4.  Do they offer organic textiles, formaldehyde-free glues, or water-based finishes?
5.  Since transportation is a major contributor to greenhouse gases, are the raw materials sourced reasonably close to the manufacturing facility?
6.  Where is the furniture actually made? Buying American made products not only helps the environment, but also supports our economy, our factories and our American workers.

 Stickley Furniture is an example of an American company which believes in these tenents. Gustav Stickley was a pioneer of the conservation ethic in the early 1900's. He and allies like Theodore Roosevelt helped usher in new practices that transformed use of natural resources in this country. To learn more about Stickley's committment to our environment visit